About this software

Tray Volume is Windows software that resides in the task tray and monitors and adjusts the volume.

You can adjust the volume by rotating the mouse wheel on the task tray icon. By changing the setting, it is also possible to adjust the volume by turning the mouse wheel at the task bar or on the desktop or screen corner.

Since it has a volume bar, it can be used like the Windows standard volume icon.

By customizing the icon, you can change it to your favorite icon.

Main Function

  • Volume adjustment by mouse wheel
  • Volume adjustment by keyboard
  • Volume adjustment by task tray menu
  • Volume adjustment by volume bar
  • Volume adjustment by command line
  • Display volume on task tray icon
  • Icon customization
  • Switching playback device
  • Prevents loud volume at startup
  • External tool function (simple launcher)

Supported Environment

Windows NT series (NT/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10)

* Main operation check is done by Windows XP 32 bit version, Windows 10 64 bit version.

Terms of Use

This software can be used free of charge. However, copyright has not been abandoned. Please do not distribute software without permission.

How to Use

Launch TrayVolume.exe. You can adjust the volume by rotating the mouse wheel on the task tray icon. Wheel Click to mute. Left click to pop up the volume bar. Right click will pop up a menu.

If you want to change the volume by operating the mouse wheel on the taskbar or desktop, open "Settings" from the menu and change the "Mouse" setting.


Tray Volume 1.8.3

  • Installer

    We recommend installer version when installing in "Program Files" folder. It's easy to install so it is recommended for beginners.

  • Portable (ZIP archive)

    If you want to install it other than the "Program Files" folder, a portable version is recommended. It is also possible to install it to USB memory and use it.

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